Worker’s Compensation and Veneers for Workplace Dental Injuries

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Veneers are a common type of dental restoration and can be used to cover up damaged teeth. Dental injuries, specifically, can occur from just about anything, but a common cause is in the workplace. While most may think of a back sprain or minor burn when it comes to workplace injuries, workplace dental injuries are actually quite common.

While there are many ways to address dental injuries, a common way happens to be through the use of veneers. Dentists utilize dental veneers for various purposes. Continue reading to learn more about worker's compensation for dental injuries that result in needing veneers.

Getting veneers to treat a workplace dental injury

Below is a quick overview of what to expect when receiving worker's compensation to get veneers. This information may be especially helpful to individuals who have experienced an injury while working.

What is worker's compensation?

Worker's compensation is a program that covers medical or dental expenses that are a result of an injury that takes place while someone is on the job. Things like illnesses or diseases that are directly caused by the workplace can also generally be covered under worker's compensation. These expenses may include treatments, such as a cast for a broken elbow or in the case of dental injuries, veneers for breaks, cracks, or chips. It can also be used for appointment costs or rehabilitation to address a problem that arose in the workplace.

In addition to paying for the medical or dental expenses caused by the injury, most worker's compensation programs also cover a portion of the wages lost. In most cases, employees have to miss work when experiencing a serious injury. For example, if the injury is serious enough to result in a need for surgery, which will require a recovery period, the employer may be responsible for still paying the employee via worker's compensation.

After the problem at hand or injury is resolved, a representative from the worker's compensation office will talk with the person about the injury and the treatment. A lot of details will be covered during this conversation, including a review of what exactly happened when the injury occurred, the cost of the treatment, and other important aspects of the situation. Once this discussion has come to an end, the representative will file a claim, which is eventually sent to the employer. The employer is then responsible for covering the costs of the treatment, as well as still paying the employee if they are not able to work for a period of time.

When veneers are needed

Dental veneers may be needed to address a variety of injuries. Most common workplace dental injuries include a chip or a crack. However, it is also common for teeth to be broken completely or partially, both of which could also lead to the need for veneer placement from a dentist.

The process for getting veneers

Dental veneers have grown in popularity due to their versatility and ability to completely restore damaged teeth. In the case of workplace injuries, dental veneers may be used for a variety of reasons, ranging from a chip or a crack, all the way to a completely broken tooth. It is also good to know that dental veneers are only used for front teeth.

When getting a veneer placed, one can expect a lengthier appointment and potentially multiple ones at that. First and foremost the tooth is fitted for the dental veneer as it is typically custom-created in a dental lab. After a few weeks of waiting, the dentist will clean the tooth, shave it down to etch it, and apply dental cement. The cement helps the veneer to stay in place permanently after the procedure is completed. Once the cement has been set, the veneer is carefully and precisely placed, followed by the application of a curing light. The light cures the entire process, thus ensuring that it stays in place.

Ready to schedule your appointment?

Understanding worker's compensation can be difficult, which is why it is recommended to talk to a professional. There are representatives available to discuss everything from the injury itself all the way to the process of getting treatment. Any unanswered questions or concerns can be discussed.

Additionally, specialists can put those injured in touch with the appropriate dental staff to start the treatment process. To find out more or to get scheduled, reach out today.

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